Chockriti™ Chocolates is a chocolate lover’s cruise of world flavors. A perfect harmonious marriage of dark chocolate with captivating authentic aromas of organic fresh flowers, herbs, teas and spices from farmers markets around the world. The luxurious richness, the fragrance and freshness of each the 40 blends is brought about by traditional artisanal techniques and only natural ingredients. The thin hand made dark chocolate shells enclosing the velvety treasures are made of over 60 percent cacao and finished with a unique design to represent their origin and flavor. Each a work of art, a jewel of its own.

The chocolates are not just a treat for all the five senses but also therapeutic. Each of the flower, herb, tea or spice infused in the blend are known for their healing benefits and hand extracted carefully to bring out all the aromas. In addition, no butter, milk, oil, sugar, alcohol or artificial flavors are used making them a whole natural food in themselves. Check back of box for Nurtritional Labeling and calorie count per piece. Chockriti also makes all vegan chocolates for her dairy intolerant fans. To see all flavors, scroll down.

Chockriti comes from the words “choc” for chocolate and “kriti”, a Sanskrit word that means work of art.



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Why Fine Chocolate?

Not all chocolate is equal. Fine chocolate has the purest ingredients of cocoa “liquor” and cocoa butter which are directly extracted from the cacao beans of a cacao tree through a series of technique specific processes (below). The rest of the ingredients are beet cane sugar and  a natural emulsifier such as soy lecithin which acts to bind the cocoa liquor and butter together. The total manufacturing process takes full six weeks which include harvesting, fermenting, drying, roasting, kibbling to nibs, grinding and pressing to extract every precious drop of the liquor and butter from the nibs. These natural ingredients, perfection of the processes and the careful selection of quality cacao beans from the varied cacao trees give the finished chocolate its fineness and grade.


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Chockriti is something you want to put in your MUST TRY list! Love it.- MICHELIN STAR MASTER CHEF VIKAS KHANNA

Thank you so much again! Talked to Mom yesterday and she was loving loving loving the chocolates and felt like she was home again :)..You are spreading joy to people you don’t even know, but who know you now. What a beautiful purpose in life.

Pragati Singh· New York.13th May 2014

Vegan Cardamon coffee: Fabulous!! Perfect balance of coffee and cardamon and those are balanced perfectly with the chocolate. Vegan Kaffir lime: delicious . I really like the thinness of the hard chocolate and the creaminess of the inside – perfect crunch to smooth ratio. Vegan orange blossom: Wow! Loved it! The fragrance is beautiful and the orange blossom flavor is very delicate and wonderful. Never had anything like that in chocolate. Vegan Green Tea Jasmine: Delicious chocolate flavor and again really good texture.
You are very good at this and I hope your business thrives. It is not easy to find really high quality vegan chocolates and I hope you will continue to make them. Thank you so much for being willing to experiment with this for me. Thank you!

Kate Neilson· New York, Jan 28th 2014

I and my son were both very impressed with the quality of the truffles, the real chocolate taste (.., and the truly original, refined and well balanced flavours associated. we are used to taste very high quality, fancy as well as classical truffle in France, and feel quite miserable here when it comes to finding genuinely good chocolate truffle in Delhi ..but now we have and we are so excited! Chockriti chocolates are real high standard and we are both thankful ”

Aurélie Gillmann-Rignault· New Delhi. 2nd February 2013

I took feedback from my team, and they all loved the chocolates. More importantly, they loved the idea of a different kind of chocolate rather than the usual market ones. We will keep in touch with you not only for my team orders, but I will introduce Chockriti to other teams in Adobe and outside as well. My kids and I finished the box in 30 minutes flat!

Kanchan Vig· Adobe Systems Pvt Ltd, India. 13th March 2013